Pit-a-Tat Lace and Rain

Unfortunately, I no longer have much shoots that I want to share. I do however, have a few outfit posts that have been sadly rotting in my hardware. Due to a hectic schedule and a few personal issues, I haven’t been posting too much on my blog as I should. However right now, I am working on a few shoots/collaborations that I’ll be posting very soon once they’re done. 

And very soon, I’ll also be posting about a very personal and somewhat strange adventure I put myself into. It’s not fashion or photography related, but it’s more of a personal pilgrimage I did. I won’t go into much details about that until the time comes though. :)

So for now I guess you have to stick with looking at my face. Hahaha!

Literally, my face. LOL!

I was out with my friend, Ronn, who helped me take these photos. (Thanks Ronn!) 

This is basically my personal style and the type of clothes that I prefer to wear when I feel like dressing up: floral, girly, preppy clothes that are “fairy-like” to me. I am in love with neutral and pastel colors and I usually match my outfits with my earth-tone colored shoes, like the Parisian wedges I’m sporting in this look. The leggings I got are from Leg Lovin’.

Story behind this look? Well, I’ll discuss that some other time when everything’s dealt with. I want to talk more about this when the chapter of this story is actually done. Hahaha!

Amish in a Day

To those who aren’t familiar with the term ‘Amish’, it is a term used to describe groups of people who prefer to live simpler lives away from the distractions of modern technologies. They are a subgroup of Christians who form the Mennonite Churches, which Protestant group based around the church communities of the Christian Anabaptist denominations named after Menno Simons of Friesland, who, through his writings, articulated and thereby formalized the teachings of earlier Swiss founders. The teachings of the Mennonites were founded on their belief in both the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ, which they held to with great conviction despite persecution by the various Roman Catholic and Protestant states. Rather than fight, the majority survived by fleeing to neighboring states where ruling families were tolerant of their radical belief in adult baptism. Over the years, Mennonites have become known as one of the historic peace churches because of their commitment to nonaviolence.

Taken from wikipedia.com

Hence, this is the outfit I came up with! 

I wanted to use this black dress that I got from the thrift shop for only P50, so cheap! The only problem was, I didn’t know how I wanted to use it and when I wanted to use it. Upon seeing this dress, I totally had to buy it no matter what the cost. However when the price is just a small amount of fifty, who would even take second thoughts? So I grabbed it, checked it out a few times, and dashed for the counter. 

I rarely regret buying from thrift shops because they really do offer a wide variety of clothes and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can find something as chic as this. Thrift shopping just takes a lot of patience and time. If you plan to shop for a completely new wardrobe, at least take in a whole day to look around. Usually I set aside an entire day, morning until night time, to decide what I want to buy.

More about this outfit though; in order to give it a little more pizazz, I wore a bunch of gold and silver accessories to add some detail to the outfit. To complete the look, I work a large, black cowboy hat that I got from a friend. My shoes are from Rusty Lopez and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. ♥

This outfit is a bit different from my girly style, so this was very fun to wear. Do you guys think I pulled it off well? :)

A Shoot in a Long Day’s Time

And after how many weeks, I finally came up with a blog post.

Long, long ago I was asked by a fellow photographer, Quiela, for a collaboration shoot between the two of us. Basically we shot two models at the same time and place but with different concepts in mind. We both have talked about collaborating a few months back but due to our tight schedules we weren’t able to properly plan our shoot. However, after two months we were finally able to set a date for our shoot! 

Say hi to Quiela!

We had two models, Jade and Gael, both whom each of us were good friends with, and our make-up artist, Nikki, whom I have also promised a collaboration with. The shoot was held in an abandoned building by Betty Go Belmonte, Quezon City. It’s very famous for being rented out by photographers and models alike. Several people have shot inside the creepy yet picturesque building and a lot of them have come up with very beautiful concepts. 

I want to talk about my experience during the shoot first before I divulge any more information. The abandoned building is located just right beside Betty Go Belmonte Station LRT2, and it’s being occupied by informal settlers that chose to make a business out of the infamous building. They charge according to the role you play in the photo shoot and you can just walk-in provided you pay the people who are reside within the establishment. Honestly, I really liked the place for its space and several sources of light, but I couldn’t help but feel slightly awkward with the random homeless people watching us and doing other stuff like taking a bath just a few feet away from us. They never bothered us except when they asked us to pay. Actually they were pretty hospitable because they even accompanied us inside the building and showed us around. Yet one couldn’t help but feel a little disgusted by the huge amounts of water inside and the smell that was almost intolerable, but once you start thinking of the shoot and what you can do with the location, you somehow forget the disturbing things around you and just start shooting.

It was a really new experience for me, shooting wise. Whenever I have photo shoots I really do get down and dirty in the mud just to get a good shot but a part of me held back when I saw the dog excrements mixed with the rainwater and I had no choice but to step on that filthy mess.  I just kept telling myself “Kristin, you need to get the shots, don’t mind anything else”. And I think I got pretty nice shots considering how filthy the place was. 

What do you guys think about the shots though? :)

I took a very different take in terms of post-processing. I tried very soft and vintage-y styles and tried to make the shots somewhat cinematic in appearance. Through the photos, I tried conveying the story of a young girl who becomes lost in an unknown darkness and is found by a seductive demon who lures her to him and she ends up succumbing into his touch, and eventually she loses herself. This is an editing style that I decided to experiment on with this photo shoot, and I have to say I liked how most of them turned out.

Quiela on the other hand, decided to use a darker and more gothic approach to the shoot with a different concept in mind. Hers was more expressive and conveyed ideas through body movements and facial expressions whilst mine was more on the story-telling part. You guys should visit her website! Her photos are lovely, almost the complete opposite of mine! Hahaha!

If any of you want to see more of the photos, you can view them here on my facebook page. Most of my photos and sets are uploaded there to avoid clutter on my other websites so I suggest some of you visit my page if you want to see complete sets of all my photo shoots! :)

Thanks for reading!

Photographers: Quiela Sandel & Kristin Cornejo

Models: Jade & Gael

HMUA: Nikki Betos

PFW Holiday 2012: Grand Allure

From Fanny Serrano’s Grand Allure Collection

A collection I never miss out on during Philippine Fashion Week, Grand Allure. The show usually features designs that are on the 'avant garde' side of fashion and presents them in a very theatrical manner. Of course these are clothes that one wouldn’t normally wear on ordinary days, but these can be used for special fashion events, photo shoots, commercials, etc. For me, Grand Allure has always been an exhibition of designers’ talents, pushing it to a higher level of fashion and art. 

Aries Pico’s Finale Piece

One thing that surprised me this season was that one of my favorite designers, Albert Andrada, was not on the roster for this season’s Grand Allure show; although I was able to watch his designs on the Premiere B collection. It was strange for me that he was placed in another show. His collections during the Premiere B show really looked like something for Grand Allure, but nonetheless, it was a stunning collection. I don’t have that many photos during the Premiere B show because I brought the wrong lens with me and thus the photos weren’t that good (Boo!). However you could always view the designs on sites such as Style Bible, Mega Style, and Philippine Fashion Week Live. (I am highly recommending taking a look at Premiere B, Sony Visions and Trends, L’oreal, Bench, Menswear, and Ready-to-wear) 

Popo Go’s Finale Piece. A beautiful Royal Blue mermaid gown.

Though this year, the Grand Allure collection didn’t seem as ‘grand’ as it usually was. Compared to last year’s stunning pieces, this year fell a little flat for me. Don’t get me wrong, most of the designs this year were really lovely and stunning but I was expecting a lot more. 

Below are some pieces that I liked:

Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos’ Collection

Stylish, elegant, feminine and simple. The major plus for this collection for me was the finale piece, which was the long gown with the head-to-floor veil.

Cherry Veric’s Collection

Cherry Veric is a designer I am very much aware of. During one of my assistant styling gigs with Jear we pulled out some of his designs. From what I saw he is very particular with details and his intricate use of beading deserves praise. His collection this season was as lovely as usual, and the use of amazing golden headpieces gave it the extra oomph it needed.

Boyet Dysangco

Red, red, and more red! Boyet Dysangco’s gold and red gowns looked fabulous on the runway.

Edgar San Diego

As an otaku, I was just in love with this collection. Being an enthusiast of Japanese culture and fashion, I loved the oriental inspiration in the designs. The way everything was layered together with the wavy sleeves and patterns, this collection was a winner for me.

June Pugat

Another favorite of mine, June Pugat’s designs featured gowns of asymmetrical cuts, dyed cloth, and interesting graphic illustrations printed onto the gowns. The dull colors were nicely matched together and if he released RTW versions of this collections, I would grab one right away.

Fanny Serrano

Last but not the least, my ultimate favorite collection of the night, Fanny Serrano’s angelic all-white pieces stole the show. The cuts, the layering, the concept, hair, make-up, everything was just, WOW! He has always been a designer who never disappoints me, especially with his well-thought out themes and beautiful concepts.

Other designers that night were Gil Macaibay and Luis Delos Santos. I wasn’t able to take photos of all the designs because I was beginning to lose focus on the show itself and I was continuously taking photos, ahaha! Lesson learned, I don’t need to take fifty photos per design, haha!

I hope I did a good job doing a post about this show. Please leave comments/suggestions! ;)

Miss Mannequin x Dreamy Starlight

A few weeks ago before the famous Philippine Fashion Week started, a friend of mine recommended me to shoot for an online shop. I immediately said yes and agreed to shoot for the store, namely Miss Mannequin. If any of you guys have time, you should really take a look at their online shop on facebook! I swear you won’t be disappointed with their wide variety of imported goodies. They have skirts and pants that could fit almost any body type as well as tops that are to die for. 

Moving on to our shoot, I shot several sets and helped out with the make-up as well. The shoot was divided into two days, the first one being in Paco Park, Manila while the other one was shot in UP Diliman. During the first shoot, we went through a lot because one, I was late due to some things I had to settle in school, and second the rain suddenly began to pour and so our shooting time was cut down. Thankfully the rain ended quickly and we were able to shoot right away. 

Here are some photos from the first shoot:

These are my personal favorite shots from the first shoot (along with the first photo on top of this blog post). The models were Clarisse Que and Eunice Chua, along with fellow MUA, Mae Sy. My favorite pieces from this set are the pants on the first photo on top and the aquamarine skirt on the last photo ♥ Both I would definitely wear on a daily basis, haha!

And now photos from the second set! Young model April was tagged along this time as an additional model. Everyone did their own make-up and I also helped a little.

This second set was shot in UP Diliman under the scourging hot sun…but who needs to complain when we were able to shoot in such a pretty location with various picturesque spots and loads of available light? Haha! The last has to be my absolute favorite from the entire set. Miss Mannequin offers pieces that have a three-in-one usage, such as the yellow and blue aztec print piece above that can be used as either a jumpsuit, a dress, or harem pants, talk about convenient and flexible! Another plus point with this shop is that their prices are very affordable ranging from P500 and above.

Now some BTS shots!

Me with the mother of Miss Mannequin, Maris Tan! (Love you girl!)

From left to right, Eunice, Maris, me (ignore my haggard face), and Clarisse.

Thank you so much Miss Mannequin or should I say Maris for this wonderful partnership! More shoots in the future with you~!

More about Miss Mannequin:

Miss Mannequin garments are all imported. They serve their customers with top quality and reasonable prices. The clothes they sell will make life easier 

for you. All garments are ultra comfortable and are free size (garterized) meaning they will look fabulous on anyone! 

Aside from that, Miss Mannequin provides a wide range of styles including bohemian, hippy chic and gypsy. Their use of meticulous raw material selection and a customized production process is managed by one of the brand’s own designer, Maristela Ethel O. Tan, who  graduated last February 2012 from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde with a degree in International Hospitality Management and an International Studies major in French. After completing 6 weeks of training in France, Maris returned to Manila to establish her brand and what a long way they have come since then. 

Miss Mannequin is also open to resellers / distributor, for more information, you may email: sales.missmannequin@gmail.com

Click here to view Miss Mannequin’s facebook page

Patches of Sunlight in a Field

Yet again, Dar and I have managed to cause some mischief, this time bringing along two people to frolic with us. 

After our last collaboration, we both decided to do another one before Dar went back to school. The last few years, I’ve been craving for a photo shoot for myself which I have redundantly been doing for other people. This is the typical girl in a dress, sprawling in a field of grass or flowers. I’ve always found those types of shooting to be very enchanting and pretty, and I wanted a similar shoot for myself. However for some reason, I never got the chance to do so. Hey, sometimes I do have my little vain moments but don’t get my wrong, I enjoy being behind the camera more than in front of it…yet sometimes I can’t help but want a couple of good shots of myself, hihi~!

Dar shot a few pictures of me, and in turn I shot a few pictures for her and out friends. Some of the photos were taken with Dar’s camera while the rest were taken with mine. I still wanted to use the power of a 1.8 50mm prime lens for some of my shots like the ones above. But I absolutely fell in love with the pictures Dar took of me! They were exact feel and compositions I wanted. The dreamy and flowery-child vibe is a look that I absolutely adore, and I was happy to have these shots taken since I rarely stay in front of the camera nowadays. (Because I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight </3)

This shot is my absolute favorite~! ♥ It’s currently my profile picture on my facebook. This photo is so pretty~ Dar took this and I did the post-processing :) Don’t you guys think she’s talented?

I know I do :3 

I did my own hair, make-up, styling, and post-processing.

Thanks a lot Dar for all the pretty photos! I love them all~ thanks to Mikko for assisting, and Liac and Lissan for tagging along ♥ Love you guys :”>

Now, here are some photos of Dar that I took~

Isn’t she just pretty? We’ve known each other for a very long time dating waaaaay back when I still into lolita fashion; that was almost three years ago if I’m not mistaken. The two of us met when we joined a lolita enthusiast group, Hinamatsuri, and from there we’ve hit it off quite nicely. I even did her make-up for her debut! She was one of my first ever make-up clients and I was happy to have done a collaboration with her twice this month.

Visit her facebook page if you can! She’s a really good photographer :) 

This is a photo of our two friends who we invited, Lissan and Liac. Same story as Dar, we all met in the same lolita fashion group :) I actually had a shoot with Liac last month as well!

Cuties aren’t they?  ♥

And now, for some behind the scenes photos~!

Mikko! One of our photographers and driver for the day!

We shot until the sun went down, literally. Up to the point where there was little to no light, we kept on shooting. I wasn’t able to take so much shots because I had a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of the shoot so I had to take care of; it took up thirty minutes of the time and I went crazy because of it! Hahaha!

I had a lot of fun though, thanks guys!

The Council of Human Inadequacies (Hello Miss Dar x Dreamy Starlight)

Another collaboration happened last week between myself and Dar San Agustin of Hello Miss Dar. This was something the two of us have talked about for a really long time and we were both glad it finally came to life. 

Some of you may know that photography isn’t the only thing I do, but I also do a little bit pf hair and make-up on the side. I even get some small jobs as a make-up artist from time to time. Hair and make-up is something I taught myself in order to support my photography. For example whenever I have a shoot and I need a make-up artist, I wouldn’t need to constantly phone someone to do it for me but instead I could just go on in and do it myself; this way I am able to control the look of my photos even more.

Dar invited me to become the hair and make-up artist for her major photo shoot project. The theme was a about “the seven deadly sins”, and this is a very common theme nonetheless but she decided to portray it in a different way. All the models were submerged in a bathtub one at a time and have these little cute props related to their respective sin scattered everywhere. 

I didn’t do all the models’ make-up, I only did two of the seven sins, which were Lust and Greed. Dar chopped the shoot into three days and got different make-up artists to do each day. Caz a.k.a Amadeobeloved and Dar did the make-up for other models on the other shooting days and they did really good jobs too. 

Introducing Gepit, the first model I made-up during the show. She’s a very sweet and quiet girl and didn’t really say much, but she obediently followed the directions haha!

Dar wanted a very golden/bronzed look for Gepit, something very classy and gave off the vibe of being abundant yet selfish. She allowed me a bit of artistic freedom in the shoot and I did a little tweaking, giving her these crazy golden lips, eye shadow, eye brows, and even giving her a cute teased hairstyle. I won’t go on and on about the entire process, but instead, here’s a photo from the final output of our set.

When the photo came out we were like “Oh my god, Beyonce!” Hahaha! I was very pleased with how I did the hair and make-up. Even I was taken aback by the transformation. Dar’s photography skills did a lot of justice to the theme and the model, it was really lovely.

Second model, Christine, who represented the sin of Lust. I wasn’t able to have a before photo taken of her because it was only the two of us in the room that time and I forgot to take a photo beforehand, haha! So I guess this half-way done make-up will suffice. 

It was funny because I took so much time doing her hair because her hair was extremelyyyy thick! You have to give her props for having really healthy hair, but I think this is the first time I spent more than an hour doing hair for a seemingly simple hairstyle. Well since I am just starting with hair styling I guess I better learn a bit more tips and tricks to hasten and improve. 

Okay, I’m dragging now, here’s a photo from the Lust set!

A few more BTS shots!

I could probably say this shoot was very relaxed and fun, there was no pressure, nobody was running around all stressed an whatnot. This is what I love about collaborations, there’s no pressure about money, about time; you guys are just there laughing and letting out these ideas and the only thing on your mind is to have fun and maybe laugh your heads off while trying to take nice photos.

Thanks Dar for inviting me! <3 

Love you girl! :)

To end this post, here’s a couple more photos from the Greed and Lust set. Check out the rest of the shots on Dar’s facebook page 

Ever Chic! (Ever New Store Opening)

May 12, 2012, the day top Austrailian brand Ever New made their grand opening at  Bonifacio High Street, the Fort. I’ve been hearing about a new store opening in the Philippines and when I found out about the brand, I just couldn’t help myself! Seeing their clothes online I immediately fell in love with their pieces. Thanks to an acquaintance of mine, Margaret, who graciously asked me to tag along for the grand opening! 

A few other friends who came along were Carl, Katrina, and Edda.  

First off let me say that I was INFINITELY, DESPERATELY, and HOPELESSLY in love with all the wonderful apparel they had inside! They had stuff that I would wear and most of them also matched my personal style. 

I loved their dresses and accessories the most, they were definitely things I wish I had in my closet. I love the fresh, young and girly feel to the the pieces. In a way it reminded me of Topshop, but they were more on the simplistic side, which was a real treat for me because I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to clothes. I don’t even accessorize that much, haha!

These! J’adore~  ♥

Every single one of these bags are so sinfully lovely ♥

These are just some of the adorable items that I fell in love with. The pastel colored bags were my ultimate fave, and the semi-formal gowns were to die for. I couldn’t have asked for a better store to suit all my pastel-cravings. And most of their pieces could be used for almost anything! They can be easily matched with various items. You could buy five items and use it in five different ways, I swear.

Top from SM Department Store. Thrifted skirt, boots, and bag. Ring from Mall 168

The prices of the clothes ranged from around P1,000-P3,000. They were really pricey but with the quality and material of the clothes, I can say it’s worth it in a way. I didn’t have much cash on me that day so I wasn’t able to purchase anything, but the event itself was really nice. The hosts were friendly, and the give aways were awesome.

Delicious cuppy cakes~

Lots of Jamba Juice!

Saw bloggers Tin Iglesias and Aisa Ipac! (Aisa is one of the people I consider as a huge mentor to me  ♥) 

Thanks for reading! I hope some of you could drop by their store at Bonifacio High Street, the Fort, Taguig City :) I really liked their designs~!

In Gold

Lately I joined a contest by Mega Magazine. They are giving away invites to people who post photos of themselves wearing anything gold on Mega Magazine’s wall with the words  ”I want to go to MEGA’s 20 Most Beautiful event, Mega Magazine!” tagging @Mega Magazine

The photo isn’t very high resolution but you could visit the link to see the photos :)

This is the outfit I submitted for the contest:

It’d be real grat if some of you could take the time to like my entry :) That would really mean a lot to me. Thanks so much!

Here’s the link to my entry ♥

Gold dress turned into top from So FAB!, accessories are gifts from relatives, shoes from my entry 

Embracing the Light (Photography Tutorial)

A few settings on the camera and the right amount of sunlight, you can come up with over-exposed photos that can have this very bright and dream-like effect. This is a style that I really love doing in most of my photographs (although I don’t really post them here, I have a vast collection of these types of photos). I modeled for this tutorial so I could show you that anyone could do it and it isn’t like a super special technique only experienced photographers could do. (Not saying I am a pro-photographer but rather this is a very easy technique so I think people can do this without much effort)

First let me discuss how I achieved this effect. 

I used a Nikon D50 with a f/1.8 50mm prime lens for this shoot. First off, I highly suggest you shoot some time between 3pm-5pm, that’s the infamous ‘magical hours’ of shooting wherein the sun is not as deadly bright as it is at noontime and yet not very dark either. It’s also a good idea to shoot in area where there a lot of spaces where the light could pass through and bend. Personally for this type of shoot I prefer there to be more light behind the model than in front so you could achieve this very angelic effect.

Next is to keep our aperture settings to its largest possible in order to have the subject be really sharp as opposed to the background. As for shutter speed, it actually depends on how much light you have at that time but I highly recommend on an extremely sunny  to have it between 160-320, so it’s better to shoot on a day where the sun is hot and out.

Basically you just have to know where you should shoot, how the light would bounce from the background to the subject and vice versa, and in a way you have to be able to measure the amount of light you have and learn to adjust you camera’s setting accordingly.

Now moving on to the post-processing.

Most people do a lot of photo-shopping to achieve this effect and this happens if you weren’t able to properly adjust your camera accordingly to the light. Remember, light is a photographer’s best friend and the way you play with it can make a world of difference.

Admittedly, I used very minor photoshop when post-processing these photos because I wasn’t able to get the color I really wanted. What’s great about this effect is that since you have this massive amount of light you wouldn’t need to brighten or add more contrast to the picture because theoretically you’d already have enough light to create this image.

Continuing to the post-processing, first, you need to create a new fill layer, which you could find under the layer tab on the menu bar:

Next, create a new fill layer > solid color and set it at 8% opacity level.

I chose a light pink color to add a little playful glow to the photo. Here’s the exact color I used:

Repeat the same step for the next two layers.

For the second layer I used a brown color with an orange hue to it, setting it to opacity level 10%

For the last layer I used a light pastel lemony yellow color, setting it to a 6% opacity level.

You can actually play around with the colors and opacity level depending on the colors you want to emphasize/use. I set the opacity levels really low for this because I wanted to mix colors so I could get the right amount of pinks and yellows without overdoing each color. 

Here’s the before and after effect of the editing.



See how there’s only a slight difference? I didn’t change the brightness of the photo because it was already overexposed. I only added color to give it a little more ‘oomph’.

I hope this really helped in a way. This is my first photography tutorial and if anyone has any more suggestions to make it better, please do so. I’d really appreciate that.

Thanks for reading!


Simple outfit shot. Not part of the actual set.

Clothes: Dress from Vanity without Apology, shoes from Gibi Shoes, Sunglasses from Mall 168, Bag is thrifted 

The Urban Sirens

Super late post, I know. Hahaha! This is a shoot I did with Pau and Trina a few weeks back. I kept forgetting to post this here in my blog because of reasons even I cannot comprehend. Haha! 

For this, I did the photography and hair styling while Pau and Trina did the make-up and styling. The models are Rots and Sam.

Left to right, Trina (designer of the gowns, stylist and make-up artist), Rots (our lovely model ♥) and Pau (stylist and make-up artist)

Anyway, about this shoot…this was a long-time planned collaboration between myself, Pau, and Trina, featuring dresses designed for Trina’s fashion thesis Cairo. Her collection includes six semi-formal pieces inspired by Egyptian clothing. It has the famous loose, flowy, drapes-style cloth and golden details. Elegant, lovely, and splendid are the words that describe the way her designs were made.

This is one of my favorite from the set. In order to achieve this, we to do this:

Haha! Yes, it was an awkward, fun, and playful experience. A lot of people were looking at us because of this.

As you look at the details of the dress, you could see how the fabric was intricately designed in order to look like Egyptian drapes. It’s very comfortable and fits the form like a glove.

Another work I want to feature here are the shoes we used for the shoes. Since a lot of my batch mates created very lovely designs, borrowing nice clothes for photo shoots is a snap now! The shoes were designed by Jessica Cruz for her fashion thesis, Vini Shoes. I love the edgy and futuristic designs as they seemed to be able to suit almost every type of clothing. If only they were four sizes larger I would borrow them, haha! All of the sizes of the shoes were size six, so we couldn’t get very tall models. However, even though our models were below the 5’6” limit, I think we were able to pull it off quite nicely.

The team taking a short break from the extensive shooting hours.

My favorite shot of Rots.

I really love doing collaborations with different people. Besides being able to come up with new portfolio photos, you are also able to meet new people and get the chance from their experiences. Creativity isn’t limited to just one mind but also the input of other people. I used to think I work better alone (and even though sometimes I still like to work solo), sometimes help from different sources can also boost your idea ten levels at times.

And because we couldn’t find anyone to take a group shot, here are two pictures of th entire team. (Top photo L-R, Pau, Rots, Sam and me; Bottom photo L-R Pau, Rots, Sam, and Trina)

If you want to see more of the photos from the Urban Sirens photo shoot set, please like and visit my facebook page! :) (P.S. Your support would be greatly appreciated, hihi~♥) 

Thank you Pau de Ramos, Trina Casañas of CAIRO, Jessica Cruz of VINI Shoes, and Rots and Sam for modelling. It was a very pleasant experience to work with you guys :)

More shoots to come girlies!

One last photo before I end my blog post. Haha!

Hope you guys could check this shoot out! :)

Monochromatic Casual

Besides the fact that today the sun was as scourging hot as ever, I had a very normal day. 

Lately I’ve been having a few problems with my school work, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. It’s more like due to some issues that happened to me in the past, I’ve been delayed by a year and hence instead of graduating last school year, I have to take up another year in order to graduate.

Problematic and still I have the audacity to post outfit photos, haha! Well, this has become my stress reliever nowadays in order to not think too much about my problems.

Thinking about an outfit for the next day or a concept for a photo shoot always takes my mind off things, even for just a while. Heck, I can’t be depressed and sulking all the time right? As much as possible, I am determined to keep a positive outlook and try my best to overcome any obstacle.

Sounds redundant, but I guess it’s true.

A little about this look…the top I’m wearing was thrifted, as well as my bag. I wore the top since it was excruciatingly hot and I wanted something that matched the pants I was wearing. The pants on the other hand, as well as the shoes, were handed down to me by my mother. Lately I’ve been very fond of slacks. ♥ (Sunglasses and ring bought from Mall 168, necklace from Le Plume Accessories. )

I usually sport this style whenever I’m too lazy to dress up, and since I was just commuting from home to UST today, I just pulled together whatever was most comfortable that day.

Thanks for reading! :)