Cutting Edge Photo Shoot x Dapple Strings

A former batch mate of mine from college (who’s now a graduate), wanted to do a shoot with me recently for our portfolios. Since I wasn’t really doing anything and I wanted to update my own portfolio, I decided to go through with the plan and have our shoot together! Pau de Ramos did the styling and the hair styling for the shoot. She’s really talented! I saw her thesis in the past and I fell in love with her shoe designs ♥ She has also been featured in and she has recently joined the Philippine Fashion Week’s Lee Denim Contest. (Awesome cakes right?)

Usually for my shoots, I do the photography, hair, make-up, and even the styling, but for this one, I only did the make-up and photography, which was HUGE breather for me because I had more time to concentrate on setting up the equipment (and also it meant I didn’t need to bring that much stuff, haha!).

The gowns we used for the shoot were designed by a good friend and fellow batch mate, Djorella Vicente. Her designs consisted of six pieces, but we only used four for this shoot. The concept of her works were gowns that could be converted from formal full-length gowns to semi-formal cocktail gowns. So you could literally go from the wedding to the reception without having to completely change your outfit. It’s perfect for those who like to party after a formal event. 

An example of the conversion from full length to cocktail length is the design below:

See how the gown transforms from a short, movable dress to a lovely flowy long gown? And the details, material, and the way it was sewn was at a professional level. You could already sell these pieces for a hefty price. And to think this is only a student’s thesis! ♥

My favorite shot of the day ♥

I really enjoyed this shoot, the team was just a pleasure to work with. To add to that, Kia, one of my best friends and favorite models, was able to model for me again! Haha! It’s been a while since the two of us done a photo shoot together, so having her agree to do this with us made me really happy :”> (Even though most of the time we did our usual chika and teasing, haha!)

The team! Daryl Catungal on the left, Pau in the middle (isn’t she pretty? Hihi~), and Kia Axibal on the right.

And here I am dressed like a farm girl, haha! I’m so small compared to these two, hahaha!

Thank you Pau for inviting me to shoot! And thank you Daryl and Kia for modeling, it was a lot of fun to work with you guys! :)