PFW Holiday 2012: Grand Allure

From Fanny Serrano’s Grand Allure Collection

A collection I never miss out on during Philippine Fashion Week, Grand Allure. The show usually features designs that are on the 'avant garde' side of fashion and presents them in a very theatrical manner. Of course these are clothes that one wouldn’t normally wear on ordinary days, but these can be used for special fashion events, photo shoots, commercials, etc. For me, Grand Allure has always been an exhibition of designers’ talents, pushing it to a higher level of fashion and art. 

Aries Pico’s Finale Piece

One thing that surprised me this season was that one of my favorite designers, Albert Andrada, was not on the roster for this season’s Grand Allure show; although I was able to watch his designs on the Premiere B collection. It was strange for me that he was placed in another show. His collections during the Premiere B show really looked like something for Grand Allure, but nonetheless, it was a stunning collection. I don’t have that many photos during the Premiere B show because I brought the wrong lens with me and thus the photos weren’t that good (Boo!). However you could always view the designs on sites such as Style Bible, Mega Style, and Philippine Fashion Week Live. (I am highly recommending taking a look at Premiere B, Sony Visions and Trends, L’oreal, Bench, Menswear, and Ready-to-wear) 

Popo Go’s Finale Piece. A beautiful Royal Blue mermaid gown.

Though this year, the Grand Allure collection didn’t seem as ‘grand’ as it usually was. Compared to last year’s stunning pieces, this year fell a little flat for me. Don’t get me wrong, most of the designs this year were really lovely and stunning but I was expecting a lot more. 

Below are some pieces that I liked:

Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos’ Collection

Stylish, elegant, feminine and simple. The major plus for this collection for me was the finale piece, which was the long gown with the head-to-floor veil.

Cherry Veric’s Collection

Cherry Veric is a designer I am very much aware of. During one of my assistant styling gigs with Jear we pulled out some of his designs. From what I saw he is very particular with details and his intricate use of beading deserves praise. His collection this season was as lovely as usual, and the use of amazing golden headpieces gave it the extra oomph it needed.

Boyet Dysangco

Red, red, and more red! Boyet Dysangco’s gold and red gowns looked fabulous on the runway.

Edgar San Diego

As an otaku, I was just in love with this collection. Being an enthusiast of Japanese culture and fashion, I loved the oriental inspiration in the designs. The way everything was layered together with the wavy sleeves and patterns, this collection was a winner for me.

June Pugat

Another favorite of mine, June Pugat’s designs featured gowns of asymmetrical cuts, dyed cloth, and interesting graphic illustrations printed onto the gowns. The dull colors were nicely matched together and if he released RTW versions of this collections, I would grab one right away.

Fanny Serrano

Last but not the least, my ultimate favorite collection of the night, Fanny Serrano’s angelic all-white pieces stole the show. The cuts, the layering, the concept, hair, make-up, everything was just, WOW! He has always been a designer who never disappoints me, especially with his well-thought out themes and beautiful concepts.

Other designers that night were Gil Macaibay and Luis Delos Santos. I wasn’t able to take photos of all the designs because I was beginning to lose focus on the show itself and I was continuously taking photos, ahaha! Lesson learned, I don’t need to take fifty photos per design, haha!

I hope I did a good job doing a post about this show. Please leave comments/suggestions! ;)