Pit-a-Tat Lace and Rain

Unfortunately, I no longer have much shoots that I want to share. I do however, have a few outfit posts that have been sadly rotting in my hardware. Due to a hectic schedule and a few personal issues, I haven’t been posting too much on my blog as I should. However right now, I am working on a few shoots/collaborations that I’ll be posting very soon once they’re done. 

And very soon, I’ll also be posting about a very personal and somewhat strange adventure I put myself into. It’s not fashion or photography related, but it’s more of a personal pilgrimage I did. I won’t go into much details about that until the time comes though. :)

So for now I guess you have to stick with looking at my face. Hahaha!

Literally, my face. LOL!

I was out with my friend, Ronn, who helped me take these photos. (Thanks Ronn!) 

This is basically my personal style and the type of clothes that I prefer to wear when I feel like dressing up: floral, girly, preppy clothes that are “fairy-like” to me. I am in love with neutral and pastel colors and I usually match my outfits with my earth-tone colored shoes, like the Parisian wedges I’m sporting in this look. The leggings I got are from Leg Lovin’.

Story behind this look? Well, I’ll discuss that some other time when everything’s dealt with. I want to talk more about this when the chapter of this story is actually done. Hahaha!

A few photos before I left the house

This is one of my favorite tops, although it isn’t mine, haha! It’s a floral top my sister bought from Forever 21, and I really like the way it fits me (it covers my stomach haha). I asked my little sister to take these photos, and she told me she found my asking her to repeatedly take my photos annoying, haha! We were on our way to have mass with my ninong and ninang so I didn’t have time to set up a tripod. Funny that I still had the audacity to take photos when we were in a hurry, hahaha!

Hype here on my lookbook if you guys wanna see the whole outfit :) 

As for where we went, I can’t really tell you. What I can tell you is that I reunited with a few family friends. Nothing shady, I swear! But it’s something way too private to post here :)

So here’s a photo I took of what we ate there, haha!