Play Dress-up!

On some days I like to wear dark colors, but on other days I like to keep it soft and clean. Sometimes I just tend to literally play dress up. I never considered myself consistent when it came to my outfits - it’s more of a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing for me. I always tend to wear whatever suits my mood and what I think goes well with the environment.

I guess it’s sort of strange how far my range of outfits can go, but it’s so much fun to try so many different things! I mean, I can’t go on wearing bright sparkly things and neither can I keep on sporting a dark and grungy look. However I’ve always favored floral prints and anything that have a vintage touch to it - that might be the one consistent thing about me, haha!

Here are some of my favorite looks that I’ve done while wearing different floral-inspired outfits~

Top and pants, THRIFTED; Salmon pumps from Australian Mustard Yellow Satchel from Secosana  

Normally I like to sport simple outfits like this when I want to get dolled up and stay simple at the same time. (Notice how I love to sport this kind of hair and make-up, haha!) 


I cannot stress over how much I am in love with this look - the colors are adorable and totally something I would wear on a daily basis if I wasn’t so lazy all the time, haha! Washed out colors with hints of ‘Flower Child’ in them are probably my biggest biases, and this was one outfit wherein I felt the most comfortable 


Okay now this is the type of look I RARELY do! Edgy and dark with hints of ‘hipster’, haha! Sometimes I love to play around with my clothes and come up with looks that are extremely far from what I usually wear. Dark colors never really suited my personality, but I always love to mix a bit of ‘me’ in them by adding floral and vintage-ish elements in them. With this particular look, I was super inspired with all the Coachella outfits blazing on the internet, and I wanted to do something inspired by the said event (Because I dream of attending one day ♥)




Well, that’s about it! If you wanna see more of my outfits, just visit my Lookbook Page to see the random looks I wear from time to time~ 




Pit-a-Tat Lace and Rain

Unfortunately, I no longer have much shoots that I want to share. I do however, have a few outfit posts that have been sadly rotting in my hardware. Due to a hectic schedule and a few personal issues, I haven’t been posting too much on my blog as I should. However right now, I am working on a few shoots/collaborations that I’ll be posting very soon once they’re done. 

And very soon, I’ll also be posting about a very personal and somewhat strange adventure I put myself into. It’s not fashion or photography related, but it’s more of a personal pilgrimage I did. I won’t go into much details about that until the time comes though. :)

So for now I guess you have to stick with looking at my face. Hahaha!

Literally, my face. LOL!

I was out with my friend, Ronn, who helped me take these photos. (Thanks Ronn!) 

This is basically my personal style and the type of clothes that I prefer to wear when I feel like dressing up: floral, girly, preppy clothes that are “fairy-like” to me. I am in love with neutral and pastel colors and I usually match my outfits with my earth-tone colored shoes, like the Parisian wedges I’m sporting in this look. The leggings I got are from Leg Lovin’.

Story behind this look? Well, I’ll discuss that some other time when everything’s dealt with. I want to talk more about this when the chapter of this story is actually done. Hahaha!