For one of my first posts, I am going to write about a band I’ve been stalking watching for some time now, Layla

I’ve known the members for quite a some time now since we all go to the same school (University of Santo Tomas). Also because their bassist, Paolo, is my…ahem, my boyfriend. Even though he is my boyfriend, I’m not their fan just because of that reason, but because I really do enjoy their music.

If any of you are familiar with bands such as Toe or Minus the Bear, then you might be interested in this group! 

This is a bit of information from their facebook page:

Layla [Lie-La], consists of four members that are driven by their urge to experiment and explore other genres. Despite their different influences, they managed to fuse the styles of each of their influences to produce the music that satisfies their ears.

Their genres consist of post and experimental rock. They first played at the Poveda Fair last year on March 2011, and they have been performing in different gigs since that day. Soon to follow were much more exciting shows which I often went to whenever I had free time. At first they only covered a few select songs, namely from Toe, Copeland, Minus the Bear, and The Killers, because they still didn’t have their original compositions during the time that they were starting; although their covers were already really good. 

They usually play at Amos Cafe Bar, located in Quezon City, wherein the managers of the establishment often get them to perform whenever they can. So far they’ve been playing there almost monthly (probably even weekly) and have always put on a good show. Oh, and just a small tid bit, Amos often has an awesome roster of bands who play whenever there’s an event. Trust me, I haven’t been disappointed yet, and the place is also a very cool place to hang out and chill with your friends. (And the food’s good too, hihi!)

What I can say though is that even if I wasn’t in a relationship with the bassist, I would still be one of their fans. Besides the fact that they’re all very talented, they are also really nice people who are both friendly and humble. Never once have I heard them talk about doing this for the sake of fame, instead they do it just for fun and for the sake of their art, which is music. A very admirable characteristic right? 

I do hope you guys would take a look at their page and listen to their songs, they’re really worth the time :) 

And now, the photos!

Jonathan (drums)

Stephen (Vocals/Guitar)

Otep (Guitar)

Paolo (bass)

Here are some videos of them performing their original songs! You could check out their Youtube Channel~ Just click the links below!

LAYLA - “Carnivale” LIVE @ Amos Cafe

This one is their most liked songs.

LAYLA - “Charmed” LIVE @ Amos Cafe 

My personal favorite of theirs ;)

LAYLA - “Sunshine” LIVE @ Amos Cafe

And while you’re at it, might as well listen to them here too for a recorded version of “Carnivale`” LAYLA on Reverbnation

Thanks for reading~!