Pit-a-Tat Lace and Rain

Unfortunately, I no longer have much shoots that I want to share. I do however, have a few outfit posts that have been sadly rotting in my hardware. Due to a hectic schedule and a few personal issues, I haven’t been posting too much on my blog as I should. However right now, I am working on a few shoots/collaborations that I’ll be posting very soon once they’re done. 

And very soon, I’ll also be posting about a very personal and somewhat strange adventure I put myself into. It’s not fashion or photography related, but it’s more of a personal pilgrimage I did. I won’t go into much details about that until the time comes though. :)

So for now I guess you have to stick with looking at my face. Hahaha!

Literally, my face. LOL!

I was out with my friend, Ronn, who helped me take these photos. (Thanks Ronn!) 

This is basically my personal style and the type of clothes that I prefer to wear when I feel like dressing up: floral, girly, preppy clothes that are “fairy-like” to me. I am in love with neutral and pastel colors and I usually match my outfits with my earth-tone colored shoes, like the Parisian wedges I’m sporting in this look. The leggings I got are from Leg Lovin’.

Story behind this look? Well, I’ll discuss that some other time when everything’s dealt with. I want to talk more about this when the chapter of this story is actually done. Hahaha!