Yellow and Skin

My style, as many could see, is not something that usually goes along with the flow of what is popular in the present fashion scene. There are actually several new fashion statements that I am not too crazy about. For instance, the new craze about outrageous prints such as Aztec, animal/tribal prints, neon colors, etc. I have always been a rather simple dresser with a thing for minimalism. The most I could go for is one or two colorful accessories but never an entire outfit.

Also I rarely show skin, and at most I show arms and legs but never anything that is too revealing. I am actually very conservative and I’m very conscious of my body shape. That’s why whenever people ask my what my size/weight is, they are often surprised by my answer.

I wore this outfit during Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012, and this personally what I’d like to wear on a daily basis. However, my boyish side sometimes says otherwise. (Haha!) As much as I love heels, skirts, and blouses, there’s a side of me that prefers comfort over fashion. One of these days I’ll make a blog post about  my everyday wear! Then you guys will get to see what I usually look like without the make-up, heels, and whatnots. 

Top and skirt: Thirfted

Leggings: Leg Love

Shoes: The Ramp Crossings

Bag: These were given to me so I’m not sure where they’re from.

Sunglasses: Mall 168

Pit-a-Tat Lace and Rain

Unfortunately, I no longer have much shoots that I want to share. I do however, have a few outfit posts that have been sadly rotting in my hardware. Due to a hectic schedule and a few personal issues, I haven’t been posting too much on my blog as I should. However right now, I am working on a few shoots/collaborations that I’ll be posting very soon once they’re done. 

And very soon, I’ll also be posting about a very personal and somewhat strange adventure I put myself into. It’s not fashion or photography related, but it’s more of a personal pilgrimage I did. I won’t go into much details about that until the time comes though. :)

So for now I guess you have to stick with looking at my face. Hahaha!

Literally, my face. LOL!

I was out with my friend, Ronn, who helped me take these photos. (Thanks Ronn!) 

This is basically my personal style and the type of clothes that I prefer to wear when I feel like dressing up: floral, girly, preppy clothes that are “fairy-like” to me. I am in love with neutral and pastel colors and I usually match my outfits with my earth-tone colored shoes, like the Parisian wedges I’m sporting in this look. The leggings I got are from Leg Lovin’.

Story behind this look? Well, I’ll discuss that some other time when everything’s dealt with. I want to talk more about this when the chapter of this story is actually done. Hahaha!