The Council of Human Inadequacies (Hello Miss Dar x Dreamy Starlight)

Another collaboration happened last week between myself and Dar San Agustin of Hello Miss Dar. This was something the two of us have talked about for a really long time and we were both glad it finally came to life. 

Some of you may know that photography isn’t the only thing I do, but I also do a little bit pf hair and make-up on the side. I even get some small jobs as a make-up artist from time to time. Hair and make-up is something I taught myself in order to support my photography. For example whenever I have a shoot and I need a make-up artist, I wouldn’t need to constantly phone someone to do it for me but instead I could just go on in and do it myself; this way I am able to control the look of my photos even more.

Dar invited me to become the hair and make-up artist for her major photo shoot project. The theme was a about “the seven deadly sins”, and this is a very common theme nonetheless but she decided to portray it in a different way. All the models were submerged in a bathtub one at a time and have these little cute props related to their respective sin scattered everywhere. 

I didn’t do all the models’ make-up, I only did two of the seven sins, which were Lust and Greed. Dar chopped the shoot into three days and got different make-up artists to do each day. Caz a.k.a Amadeobeloved and Dar did the make-up for other models on the other shooting days and they did really good jobs too. 

Introducing Gepit, the first model I made-up during the show. She’s a very sweet and quiet girl and didn’t really say much, but she obediently followed the directions haha!

Dar wanted a very golden/bronzed look for Gepit, something very classy and gave off the vibe of being abundant yet selfish. She allowed me a bit of artistic freedom in the shoot and I did a little tweaking, giving her these crazy golden lips, eye shadow, eye brows, and even giving her a cute teased hairstyle. I won’t go on and on about the entire process, but instead, here’s a photo from the final output of our set.

When the photo came out we were like “Oh my god, Beyonce!” Hahaha! I was very pleased with how I did the hair and make-up. Even I was taken aback by the transformation. Dar’s photography skills did a lot of justice to the theme and the model, it was really lovely.

Second model, Christine, who represented the sin of Lust. I wasn’t able to have a before photo taken of her because it was only the two of us in the room that time and I forgot to take a photo beforehand, haha! So I guess this half-way done make-up will suffice. 

It was funny because I took so much time doing her hair because her hair was extremelyyyy thick! You have to give her props for having really healthy hair, but I think this is the first time I spent more than an hour doing hair for a seemingly simple hairstyle. Well since I am just starting with hair styling I guess I better learn a bit more tips and tricks to hasten and improve. 

Okay, I’m dragging now, here’s a photo from the Lust set!

A few more BTS shots!

I could probably say this shoot was very relaxed and fun, there was no pressure, nobody was running around all stressed an whatnot. This is what I love about collaborations, there’s no pressure about money, about time; you guys are just there laughing and letting out these ideas and the only thing on your mind is to have fun and maybe laugh your heads off while trying to take nice photos.

Thanks Dar for inviting me! <3 

Love you girl! :)

To end this post, here’s a couple more photos from the Greed and Lust set. Check out the rest of the shots on Dar’s facebook page 

Snapping with Leanne

A few months ago, I was contacted by Jirbie, a starting model who wanted an update on her portfolio. She emailed me about this and I didn’t hesitate to accept ♥ Leanne was so nice to talk to and she was very friendly. 

Before I show you guys the whole set from our photo shoot, here are a few snaps:

Stay tuned!

Model: Leanne Go

Clothes: Crizeel Ong (Credo)

HMUA/Styling/Photography: Kristin Cornejo